Wednesday, September 17th
St. Anthony Main 1 7:00 PM EVENHAND
Thursday, September 18th
St. Anthony Main 3
5:30 PM
7:30 PM
9:30 PM


St. Anthony Main 4 6:00 PM
8:00 PM
10:00 PM
WAYWARD GIRLS w/ Little Hearts
St. Anthony Main 5 5:45 PM
7:45 PM
9:45 PM
Intermedia Arts 7:00 PM
9:00 PM
The Heights 6:00 PM
7 :30 PM
9 :30 PM

Bryant Lake Bowl 10:30 PM MY NAME IS BUTTONS
Friday, September 19th
St. Anthony Main 3

5:30 PM
7:45 PM
9:45 PM

St. Anthony Main 5 5:30 PM
7:30 PM
9:30 PM
Intermedia Arts 7:00 PM
8:30 PM
The Heights 5:30 PM
7:45 PM
9:45 PM
Weisman Museum 6:30 PM
8:30 PM
Saturday, September 20th
St. Anthony Main 3 12:00 PM
1:00 PM
3:00 PM
5:00 PM
7:00 PM
9:00 PM
St. Anthony Main 5 11:45 AM 1:45 PM
3:45 PM
5:30 PM
7:15 PM
9:15 PM
Intermedia Arts 7:00 PM
9:00 PM
The Heights 11:00 AM
1:00 PM
3:00 PM
4:30 PM
7:30 PM
9:30 PM
Bryant Lake Bowl 2:00 PM EASY LISTENING
Sunday, September 21st
St. Anthony Main 1 7:00 PM THE FLATS
St. Anthony Main 3 11:00 AM
12:00 PM
2:00 PM
4:00 PM
St. Anthony Main 5 11:30 AM
1:15 PM
3:15 PM
The Heights 12:30 PM
2:30 PM

Opening Night Film

Filmmaker Present to Introduce Film!
Set in a dirt-poor neighborhood in the fictional city of San Lovisa, Texas, Evenhand is the touching story of two very different cops, working together for the first time. Officer Rob Francis, recently divorced, finds the adjustment from his previous assignment in the "Sleepytown" precinct difficult. With his new partner, the volatile Ted Morning, he spends his days breaking up domestic disputes and attempting to somehow connect with the parade of lowlifes, firebugs, and junkies he sees everyday. Officer Morning is the original Texas cowboy, all muscle and bravado: arrest 'em first, ask questions later. Menacing and cynical yet sweet, Morning tells his new partner, "You want to help people? You arrest them. You're a cop–that's what you do." Filmed on location in San Antonio, Texas, Evenhand is a police story, but it's not about car chases or shoot-outs. It's about two cops struggling to survive in a flawed society where, without warning, numbing routine can give way to primal fear. Directed by Joseph Pierson (Cherry, Julian Po), Evenhand features an original soundtrack by former Soul Coughing bandleader Mike Doughty. (TX)
93 minutes
Director: Joseph Pierson
Writer: Mike Jones
Producer: Fernando Cano II, Joseph Pierson
Cinematographer: Tim Orr
Editor: Alex Albanese
Music: Joel Goodman
Cast: Bill Sage, Bill Dawes
Official Website
St. Anthony Main 1 7:00 PM Wed., Sept. 17th



Closing Night Film
The Flats

Filmmaker Present to Introduce Film!
Gorgeously filmed on the desolate plains of rural Washington State, The Flats is a quiet story about a group of friends on the verge of adulthood. There's Harper, a clown who drinks to obscure his dismal childhood and bleak prospects, his best friend Luke, a law intern who works too much, and Paige, Luke's college girlfriend who has come to the Flats to explore her Native American roots. These and other friends pass lazy afternoons living a sort of fleeting summer idyll: riding horses, swimming, sitting in the woods, and ambling along abandoned railroad tracks. Like the trains that converge in their small town then disappear down weed-covered tracks, the young people in The Flats come together to live, love, learn, and then disappear down a track leading to the unknown future. Co-directed by Kelly and Tyler Requa, The Flats has played at the Seattle Film Festival and the Cinequest Film Festival.
104 minutes
Director: Kelly Requa, Tyler Requa
Writer: Kelly Requa, Tyler Requa
Producer: Scilla Andreen-Hernandez, Gian-Carlo Scandiuzzi
Cinematographer: Lawrence Schweich
Editor: Joe Rettenmaier
Music: Sean Christensen
Cast: Chad Lindberg, Sean Christensen, and Jade Herrera
Official Website
St. Anthony Main 1 7:00 PM Sunday, Sept. 21st




Black Cadillac
Filmmaker Present to Introduce Film!
Hold on to your Miller for a thriller 'bout a 'Sconnie Run! It's the coldest night of the year and a raging blizzard surrounds a back woods bar where three old friends have crossed the border to take advantage of Wisconsin's lower drinking age. Naturally a bar fight ensues, and the trio find themselves forced onto the frozen, snow-obscured country roads leading back to Minnesota. Suddenly a ghostly black Cadillac is dogging their every turn, trying to force them off the road. Is someone from the bar out to get them or are they up against a force more sinister? Featuring Randy Quaid and based on a true story, veteran director (and Bloomington native) John Murlowski takes his watchers on a terrifying race against man, machine, and Mother Nature. Can our heroes make it back to Minnesota?! (WI)
92 minutes
Director: John Murlowski
Writer: Will Aldis
Producer: John Murlowski, Kenneth Burke, and Steven Douglas Smith
Cinematographer: Steven Douglas Smith
Editor: John Gilbert
Music: Chris Bell
Cast: Randy Quaid, Shane Johnson, Josh Hammond, Jason Dohring and Kiersten Warren
St. Anthony Main 3 7:45 PM Friday, Sept. 19th
St. Anthony Main 3 7:00 PM Sat., Sept. 20th




Black Picket Fence
Black Picket Fence is director Sergio Goes’ heartbreaking portrait of the realities of life in Brooklyn’s East New York public housing projects, one of the grimmest and most violent places anywhere on earth. Culled from nearly two years of filming, the documentary’s candid interviews, lyric moments of sad beauty, and powerful verité footage take us beyond the usual stereotypes of the rap music world and into the life of Tislam Milliner, a struggling rapper whose goal is to make it out of the hood. An All-American story about trying to make a better life for oneself and one’s children, Black Picket Fence brings to the screen a picture of another America, a forgotten America without many breaks, or chances, or hope. (NY)
92 minutes
Director: Sergio Goes
Producer: Sergio Goes, Keiko Takahashi
Cinematographer: Sergio Goes
Editor: Emily Gumpel
Music: Woody Pak, Amar Pep
Official Website
Intermedia Arts 9:00 PM Sat., Sept. 20th
St. Anthony Main 3 12:00 PM Sunday, Sept. 21st




Filmmaker Present to Introduce Film!
Writer-Director Josiah Kibira drew on his own experience to create Bongoland, the story of an immigrant from Tanzania—or “Bongoland” as he calls it—who begins a new life in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Juma is an undocumented worker who finds himself washing dishes for a living despite having been a professional in his native land. Should he choose money over love? Will his friends from Bongoland be there for him? Or must he finally abandon the idea that, even for an immigrant, America is a great country? One of only ten feature-length films ever produced in Swahili, a language spoken by 100 million people, Bongoland is a rough but authentic glimpse of life as lived by Minnesota’s Africans. In English and Swahili with English subtitles. (MN)
105 minutes
Director: Josiah Kibira
Writer: Josiah Kibira
Cinematographer: Jeff Green
Editor: Takaaki Sato
Assistant Director: Chris Audet
Audio: Dawn Schot
Music: J Kalikawe, Innocent, Martin and Mukama
Cast: Mukama Morandi, Laura Wangsness, Roger Kiluwa, Robert Kataraiya, Mindi Kasiga.
Official Website
Weisman Museum 8:30 PM Friday, Sept. 19th



Detective Fiction
Filmmaker Present to Introduce Film!
A lot of strange things happen with couples. Screwy things. Mixed up, backward things. Take Jack and Jennifer for instance. They’ve gotten very lost. Jack Hannan is a technical writer one year into a court-mandated sobriety stint. He’s dry, but withdrawn. So he starts into writing a 40’s-style detective novel, to escape into another, lower, more shadowy world. But Jack gets his worlds mixed up. Starts looking at other women. And Jack’s wife’s lost too—Jennifer—even though they have each other. Because they don’t. Maybe. Anyway, she goes back to school. She’s acting fresh, she’s trying to go to another world too. Lovers all go through something like this: it either ends with someone making a move toward healing, or with an explosion. Stay tuned. Minnesotan Patrick Coyle wrote and directed Detective Fiction, which was selected for the 2003 Sundance Film Festival. He stars in the film with Mo Collins (Dudley Riggs, Mad TV). (MN)
102 minutes
Director: Patrick Coyle
Writer: Patrick Coyle
Producer: Paul Johnson
Cinematographer: Gregory R. Winter
Editor: Jeffrey Stickles
Music: Jimi Englund, Greg Herzenach
Cast: Patrick Coyle, Mo Collins
The Heights 7:30 PM Thurs., Sept. 18th





The Dogwalker
Filmmaker Present to Introduce Film!
When The Dogwalker begins, Ellie is on the first plane out of Buffalo, NY. She barely knows where the plane is going, and she doesn't care. Several days later she wakes up on a picnic bench, aimless and alone, surrounded by dogs in a park in Los Angeles. That's where she meets Betsy (Pamela Gordon). The two women are survivors, and Betsy tries to teach Ellie a few of the lessons she's learned from the dogs she walks: take care of yourself, establish boundaries, stay calm, trust your instincts. But if Ellie doesn't learn fast, she could end up dead. An astonishingly accomplished Mini-DV feature, The Dogwalker was made by Filmmakers Alliance co-founder Jacques Thelemaque and stars his wife, Diane Gaidry. (CA)
99 minutes
Director: Jacques Thelemaque
Writer: Jacques Thelemaque
Producer: Linda Miller, Hilary Six
Cinematographer: Marco Fargroli
Editor: Jeff Orgill
Cast: Diane Gaidry, Pamela Gordon
Official Website
St. Anthony Main 5 9:30 PM Friday, Sept. 19th
St. Anthony Main 3 5:00 PM Sat., Sept. 20th





Easy Listening
Filmmaker Present to Introduce Film!
After several years living in Los Angeles, Director Pamela Corkey returned to her native Boston to direct Easy Listening, a refreshingly original comedy about finding one’s own, unique path. Her story is set in 1967—when the straight-laced culture of the 50’s yielded to the more freewheeling mores of the modern era. Burt and Linda have a foot in both worlds. They live in a sleepy, middle-American city where they play in an easy listening orchestra and lead slow, ordinary lives not unlike the string-heavy arrangements that they record. But each feels the pull of the cool. Despite his age—and a pretty sizable paunch—Burt longs to be a hip, jive-talking, turtleneck-wearing jazz cat. And Linda’s completely naïve, Pollyanna-like persona seems at odds with her new penchant for pot brownies. Is it possible it’s better to be happy than cool? (MA)
85 minutes
Director: Pamela Corkey
Writer: Pamela Corkey
Producer: Paul Tritter
Cinematographer: Matthew Wagenknecht
Editor: Sophie Devillers
Cast: David Ian, Traci Crouch
Official Website
St. Anthony Main 3 9:30 PM Thurs., Sept. 18th
Bryant Lake Bowl 2:00 PM Sat., Sept. 20th


Funny Ha Ha
If you’re like her friends, you might fall in love instantly with Marnie, the 23 year-old soft-spoken, innocent, beautiful and somewhat lost heroine of Andrew Bujalski’s bewitching debut feature Funny Ha Ha. Marnie works a temp job, hangs out with friends, and meets boys who all invariably fall in love with her, but she doesn’t know what she wants, or even know if she should want something. Improvised with a cast of non-actors, Funny Ha Ha is a winning and captivatingly honest look at the down-side of the salad days from a director likened to Mike Leigh and Harmony Korine and named one of Filmmaker Magazine’s 25 New Faces of Independent Film. (MA)
90 minutes
Director: Andrew Bujalski
Writer: Andrew Bujalski
Producer: Ethan Vogt
Cinematographer: Matthias Grunsky
Editor: Andrew Bujalski
Cast: Kate Dollenmayer, Christian Rudder, Myles Paige
Official Website
Intermedia Arts 8:30 PM Friday, Sept. 19th
St. Anthony Main 5 1:15 PM Sunday, Sept. 21st





How to Kill a Mockingbird
Producer Present to Introduce Film!
Last fall our community tragically lost a talented filmmaker–Joe Sweet. He had just completed his first feature film, “How to Kill A Mockingbird.” A few weeks before his death, Joe had a private screening of the film at the Riverview Theater for cast, crew and friends. Over 800 people showed up to watch the film and share in Joe’s success. CSFF would like to share Joe’s legacy with the wider film-going community. Last fall, Joe’s wife Germaine Deagan Sweet set up a film fund to benefit new, up and coming filmmakers in memory of Joe. 50% of the proceeds from the CSFF screening of “How to Kill A Mockingbird” will be contributed to the Joe Sweet Film Fund.
Long before self-help books were even invented, someone said, “Listen to your inner voice.” But a problem arises: If we have inner voices, who are they? And where do they come from? In How to Kill a Mockingbird, two Inner Voices named Roger and Mermelstein comically cajole, persuade, and guide three couples through the perils of life, death, and dating. This quirky, uplifting film is about trusting your instincts and savoring every precious moment you are alive, while learning to embrace the adventure that awaits you after you die.
104 minutes
Director: Joe Sweet
Writer: Joe Sweet
Producer: Amy Brewster, Joe Sweet
Cinematographer: Joe Sweet
Editor: Andy Awes
Music: Joel Goodman
Cast: Brian Sostek, Wayne Evenson, Amy Matthews
The Heights 5:30 PM Friday, Sept. 19th


Jesus Freak
Filmmakers Present to Introduce Film!
Part of Central Standard’s mission is “to support the advancement of filmmaking that reflects the wide breadth of life in all the regions of America.” Jesus Freak is a perfect example of the nuanced, place-specific storytelling that only a native can produce. Lily (played by Laura Lee Bahr, who wrote the screenplay) is a fatherless teenager in Portales, New Mexico, a remote town of 12,003 souls just across the border from Texas. Lily fills her days engaging in the time-honored small town teenage pursuits of drinking, smoking, cruising, and dreaming about getting out. Then Jesus appears to Lily. In fact he moves into her house and starts acting like her boyfriend. From native New Mexican writer/actor Laura Bahr, Jesus Freak is a wryly observed glimpse into the strange and unsettling world of American adolescence. (NM)
88 minutes
Director: Morgan Nichols
Writer: Laura Lee Bahr
Producer: Amy Dawn Anderson, Pete Kuzov
Cinematographer: David S. Danesh
Editor: Morgan Nichols, David S. Danesh
Music: Dan Adams
Cast: Laura Lee Bahr, Regan Forman, Josh Kantor
Official Website
St. Anthony Main 3 7:30 PM Thurs., Sept. 18th






Kwik Stop
Filmmaker Present to Introduce Film!
Lucky is a wannabe actor driving a Chevy Impala to a new life in Hollywood. On his way, Lucky stops off at a dingy convenience store in Illinois to steal toiletries and buy cigarettes. That's where he meets Dede—18—and they fall in love. He promises to take her to Hollywood and rescue her from leaden, midwestern skies. But the harder the new couple tries to get to Hollywood and their beautiful future, the more Illinois and their past keeps holding them back. Written and directed by Chicago native Michael Gilio (who also plays Lucky in Kwik Stop and the character of Tommy in No Sleep 'Til Madison) and included on Roger Ebert's 2002 list of all-time overlooked films, Kwik Stop is a smart, romantic, almost-road movie about the difficulties of attempting to reinvent oneself. (IL)
108 minutes
Director: Michael Gilio
Writer: Michael Gilio
Producer: Rachel Tenner
Cinematographer: David Blood
Editor: Chris McKay
Cast: Lara Phillips, Michael Gilio, Kari Anglin
St. Anthony Main 5 9:15 PM Sat., Sept. 20th
The Heights 2:30 PM Sunday, Sept. 21st


Make 'Em Dance: The Hackberry Ramblers' Story
Filmmaker Present to Introduce Film!
Since 1933–the year Franklin Roosevelt became president–The Hackberry Ramblers have been playing a toe-tapping blend of Cajun music and western swing. Amazingly, the band's co-founders–fiddler Luderin Darbone, and accordionist Edwin Duhon–are still leading the band today. Equal parts biography, social history, and Spinal Tap-style road movie, Make 'Em Dance: The Hackberry Ramblers' Story recounts the band's seventy-year odyssey: from touring Louisiana and Eastern Texas in a 1928 Ford Model A and cutting records on wax platters all the way up to appearing on MTV Live. Like real-life "Soggy Bottom Boys," The Hackberry Ramblers have a wild story filled with rich dialogue and colorful characters. This documentary by Minnesota’s own John C. Whitehead features interviews and performances by Marcia Ball, Rodney Crowell, Michael Doucet, Jimmie Dale Gilmore, and Richard Thompson. (MN)
53 minutes
Director: John Whitehead
Writer: John Whitehead
Producer: John Whitehead
Cinematographer: Matt Ehling
Editor: John Whitehead
Music: The Hackberry Ramblers
Cast: Luderin Darbone, Edwin Duhon, Glen Croker

Plays with:
Polka Time
Filmmaker Present to Introduce Film!
It’s Polka Time! The largest per capita ballroom in the world isn’t in Vienna or St. Petersburg—it’s in Gibbon, Minnesota, population 712! The Gibbon Ballroom, whose giant roadside sign exhorts passersby to “Stay Young! Go Dancing!” can hold 4,500 happy-go-lucky souls and plays host each July to the Gibbon Polka Fest: an extravaganza of Polish, Czech and German folk music. Minnesota filmmaker Lisa Blackstone tours us through the annual romp in this lively, foot-stomping, buttonbox-filled doc about polka, the people who love polka, and the illustrious past and uncertain future of ethnic rituals like polka-dancing in small-town American life. (MN)
40 minutes
Director: Lisa Blackstone
Producer: Lisa Blackstone
Cinematographer: Lucas Roman
Editor: Lisa Blackstone
St. Anthony Main 4 8:00 PM Thurs., Sept. 18th
The Heights 1:00 PM Sat., Sept. 20th






My Name is Buttons
Hunter Reeves reads, thinks, talks and rants too much. After he gets canned from his job at a chain bookstore he and two friends cynically decide to earn extra money by participating in a medical study at Pharmakhem: a psychiatric clinic whose mascot is a chimp dressed as a doctor. There they meet Dr. Williams—a Patch Adams-like character whose thesis is: the more drugged you are, the less you'll think, and the happier you'll be! Called "the best $10,000 feature ever," My Name is Buttons introduces Courtney Davis and John Merriman to American audiences—writers and comics of rare talent who prove that creativity goes a lot farther than cash. If you've ever felt like you're trapped in an hermetically-sealed cycle of mass ignorance, prozac-induced complacency, mindless entertainment and clown-like politicians, My Name is Buttons has arrived!
80 minutes
Director: John Merriman, Courtney Davis
Writer: Courtney Davis, John Merriman
Producer: Courtney Davis, John Merriman and David Layton
Cinematographer: David Layton
Editor: J. Kevin Smith
Cast: John Merriman, Lowell Bartholomee
Official Website
Bryant Lake Bowl 10:30 PM Thurs., Sept. 18th
St. Anthony Main 5 7:15 PM Sat., Sept. 20th


New Guy
Filmmaker Present to Introduce Film!
Little by little, shot by shot, you will become drawn into the hilarious and strange world which is Gregg’s first day on the job. It all starts innocently enough: our hero finds his new cubicle, meets his coworkers, and attempts to orient himself to his new duties. But despite the fact that everything is normal in Gregg’s office, everything is weird and wrong: nothing works as it should and nobody seems to know what they are doing. And to add to the intrigue, Gregg is replacing a man named Frank who was fired for murdering a coworker. Kelly Miller as Gregg offers up a nuanced, must-see comic performance reminiscent of Buster Keaton in this tautly edited, laugh-out-loud tale deftly directed by newcomer Bilge Ebiri. (NY)
85 minutes
Director: Bilge Ebiri
Writer: Bilge Ebiri
Producer: Pavlina Hatoupis, Gary Giambalvo, Bilge Ebiri
Cinematographer: Branan Edgens, Chuck Moss
Editor: Cabot Philbrick
Cast: Kelly Miller, Scott Janes, Johnny Ray
St. Anthony Main 5 7:45 PM Thurs., Sept. 18th
St. Anthony Main 3 3:00 PM Sat., Sept. 20th






Nosey Parker
Filmmaker Present to Introduce Film!
Tired of suburbia, Natalie and Richard Newman move into a trophy house in rural Vermont to rejuvenate their marriage. Soon the psychiatrist and his wife receive a visit from the local tax assessors, including George Lyford: a very old and wrinkled farmer, dirty joke teller, gossip, native and snoop, or nosey parker as they're called in New England. George becomes Natalie’s handyman and the two find themselves doing everything together. Could a 70 year old farmer be a better listener than a professional psychiatrist? Likened to John Cassevetes by Variety Magazine, O'Brien was awarded a
Special Jury Prize for Outstanding Direction by Merchant and Ivory.
105 minutes
Director: John O’ Brien
Writer: John O’ Brien (Story) Cast Improv (Screenplay)
Producer: John O’ Brien, Molly O’ Brien, Stacey Steinmetz
Cinematographer: David Parry
Editor: John O’ Brien
Music: The Nosey Parkers
Cast: George Lyford, Natalie Picoe, Richard Snee
Official Website
St. Anthony Main 3 5:30 PM Friday, Sept. 19th
St. Anthony Main 3 9:00 PM Sat., Sept. 20th


No Sleep ‘Til Madison
Filmmaker Present to Introduce Film!
Part of Central Standard’s mission is to encourage filmmakers to make regional stories about the specific places that inform and inspire them. No Sleep ‘Til Madison is a well-observed comedy from filmmakers Erik Moe and Peter Rudy about Wisconsin High School Hockey Tournament fever. 30-year-old Owen Fenby has renovated a former laundry truck to serve as the command center for his Type-A, take-no-prisoners form of high school hockey fandom. Joining him in the truck are Owen’s old high school friends, whose careers, marriages and children have led each to grow and change in ways Owen hasn’t. Can Owen learn that life is full of change, or is high school hockey more important than friendship? Notice: includes many strange-sounding Wisconsin town names: from Rhinelander to Manitowoc to Sheboygan to Menomonie. A true regional touch! (WI)
89 minutes
Director: Erik Moe, Peter Rudy, David Fleer
Writer: Erik Moe, Peter Rudy
Producer: Ivo Knezevic
Cinematographer: Bradley J. Milsap
Editor: Amy L. Frantz
Music: Steve Edwards
Cast: Jim Gaffigan, Michael Gilio, T. J. Jagodowski, Jed Resnick, Ian Brennan, Rebekkah Louise Smith, Molly Glynn Hammond
Official Website
The Heights 9:30 PM Thurs., Sept. 18th
St. Anthony Main 3 1:00 PM Sat., Sept. 20th






Prom Night in Kansas City
Filmmaker Hali Lee returns to her home town of Kansas City to follow four groups of teens from very different schools as they prepare for yet another high school prom: the "Night of Their Lives," or "Jr. Wedding,” as one prom-goer calls it. Smurf goes to Westport Edison, a tough, inner-city charter school where prom symbolizes graduating from high school. Nick, Mary and Beth attend a conservative Christian school where Jesus' second coming is widely considered imminent. Gayla and Katie are lesbians who rent tuxedos and pluck eyebrows, respectively, before heading to the "Passages" gay and lesbian prom. And Oliver, Blake and Lacey are anti-prom slackers who simultaneously attend the prom and make fun of it. Prom Night in Kansas City is an unforgettable, pitch-perfect documentary about class, race, and gender in America on the most unbelievable night of the year. (KS)
54 minutes
Director: Hali Lee, Peter von Ziegesar
Producer: Hali Lee, Peter von Ziegesar
Cinematographer: Peter von Ziegesar
Editor: Dina Guttman, Sari Gilman
Music: Steven Thomas Cavit
Official Website
St. Anthony Main 4 10:00 PM Thurs., Sept. 18th
Intermedia Arts 7:00 PM Friday, Sept. 19th
The Heights 11:00 AM Saturday, Sept. 20th


Filmmaker Present to Introduce Film!
From filmmakers Elizabeth Holder and Xan Parker comes a Faustian documentary about four women pursuing high-powered careers on Wall Street. Each is highly successful—if you consider earning seven figures a year plus year-end bonuses for triple that amount to be successful! But each woman has come to Wall Street by an unlikely path. Umber's parents are immigrants, Louise is adopted, Kimberley left behind a family in West Virginia, and Carol was relentlessly driven from an early age. In spite of the glamour and excitement of a life in high-finance–the limos, the meetings, the millions–each woman portrayed in Risk/Reward is haunted by the compromises that her career has forced her to make: family, children, time. When Umber signs on with a prestigious firm it should be one of the happiest days of her life. So why is she crying as she makes her deal? (NY)
88 minutes
Director: Elizabeth Holder, Xan Parker
Producer: Elizabeth Holder, Xan Parker
Cinematographer: Cynthia Wade
Editor: Rachel Kittner
Music: MJ Mynarski
Featuring: Louise Jones, Carol Warner Wilke, Kimberley Euston, Umber Ahmad
Official Website
St. Anthony Main 3 5:30 PM Thurs., Sept. 18th
St. Anthony Main 5 11:45 AM Sat., Sept. 20th






Saving the Indian Hills
CANCELLED - due to circumstances beyond our control.
However, due to popluar demand, a third screening of WHOLE has been added on Friday at 7:30 at St. Anthony Main 5 and another screening of PROM NIGHT IN KANSAS CITY has been added on Saturday at 11:00 AM at The Heights.
What would you do to save a piece of local history? Saving the Indian Hills documents the efforts of a small group of dedicated strangers in Omaha, Nebraska to save a historic movie theater. Architecturally innovative for many reasons and designed to accommodate a special widescreen format–the Indian Hills Theater boasted the largest indoor movie screen in the United States (with only two others like it, including the Cooper Theater in Golden Valley). So when Nebraska’s largest hospital chain bought the theater to make 96 parking spaces, a few average citizens came together to see if they could topple the Goliath’s plan. Documentarian Jim Fields captures firsthand the high highs and low lows of amateur activism and the inspiring things that can happen when everyday people join together to uphold their convictions. Central Standard is proud to present Saving the Indian Hills at the Heights Theater: the oldest continuously operating movie theater in Minnesota! (NE)
86 minutes
Director: Jim Fields
Producer: Jim Fields
Cinematographer: Jim Fields, Chris Ahrens
Editor: Chris Ahrens
Official Website


Night-shift security guards Pat Sullivan and his partner Bill Lillehammer practice a particularly overzealous style of security. Maybe it's because they're obviously unqualified to work the day-shift, much less be real cops. Or maybe it's because they're a little slow, or because there's actually no real need of security at a candy factory. Whatever the reason, the two friends and partners take their job at the Rasch Candy Company very seriously, as a bewildered electrician trying to change a light bulb without a work order will attest. So when the prototypes for new candy developments are stolen from the lab, Pat and Bill naturally self-appoint themselves to be the crack-detectives such a high profile case requires. Get ready to laugh your drink out your nose in this actor-improvised story from San Francisco filmmaker Brien Burroughs! (CA)
95 minutes
Director: Brien Burroughs
Producer: Brien Burroughs, Gerardo Merino
Cinematographer: Gerardo Merino
Editor: Melissa Lawson and Beatriz Lopez
Music: Jason Tubbs
Cast: Stephen Kearin, Tim Orr
The Heights 7:45 PM Friday, Sept. 19th
St. Anthony Main 5 1:45 PM Sat., Sept. 20th






Sex: Female
Ladies and Gentlemen! Get ready for the sex education class you never had! Filmmakers Andrew Kolker and Louis Alvarez have made a documentary for anyone who doesn't know everything there is to know about sex and women. And beware: you might not know as much as you think you do! Young women, old women, single women, married women, straight women, gay women, black women, white women, women with their daughters, big groups of women and small groups of women laugh and dish out nothing but the facts about sex, including first times, how many times, how often, with what, with whom, how, with how many, in what places, in what ways, and for what reasons. Laughter is at the center of Sex: Female, but the filmmakers touch on other, more sensitive topics as well: the burn of infidelity, unpleasant first-time experiences, the sadness of fading sexual attraction, sex and aging, sex and beauty, and sex and commitment. Interspersed with old love songs and black-and-white images of idyllic lovers, Sex: Female also dispels some of the fictitious ideas about sex that still permeate modern culture. No matter who you are, or how much you think you know about sex and females, Sex: Female is guaranteed to elicit a smile and a wink. (NY)
70 minutes
Produced & Directed by: Louis Alvarez, Andrew Kolker
Co-produced and Edited by: Peter Odabashian
Cinematographer: Stephen McCarthy and Jefferson Miller
Editor: Peter Odabashian
Official Website
The Heights 9:45 PM Friday, Sept. 19th
St. Anthony Main 5 3:45 PM Sat., Sept. 20th


“Speedo” is Ed Jager’s nickname, a gangly auto mechanic and father of two whose ongoing poverty and failing 20-year marriage seem to fuel his passion for demolition derby driving. Pedal to the metal and aiming for everything in his path, Speedo turns his pent-up rage into being New Jersey’s top demolition derby driver, earning him a trip to the National Demolition Derby Championship in Fellsmere, Florida. But Speedo’s reckless careening serves him much worse off the track. Working full-time at a garage, sleeping on his estranged wife’s couch, trying to raise good kids and find someone who loves him—in short, getting by in blue-collar America—turns out to be much harder than just setting the wheel, punching the gas, and crashing into everything in your path. David Fellerath of Indiewire calls Jesse Moss’s documentary “reminiscent of such fare as ‘Breaking Away,’ ‘Rocky’ and countless 1970s drive-in movies…a great underdog story.” Jesse Moss was named one of Filmmaker Magazine’s 25 New Faces of Independent Film. (NJ)
78 minutes
Director: Jesse Moss
Producer: Jesse Moss, Amanda McBaine
Cinematographer: Jesse Moss
Editor: Aaron Lubarsley, Youna Kwak
Music: Jack Livesey
Featuring: Ed “Speedo” Jager
Official Website
St. Anthony Main 3 9:45 PM Friday, Sept. 19th
The Heights 9:30 PM Sat., Sept. 20th






Sunset Story
Filmmaker Present to Introduce Film!
Deep in the heart of central Los Angeles, in a neighborhood bustling with immigrant Latino and Korean families lies Sunset Hall. Founded in 1923, Sunset Hall is a retirement home for free-thinking elderly people who are active and engaged in the progressive political causes they hold dear. Especially lucid are best friends Irja, age 80, and Lucille, age 95. Lucille and Irja explode familiar stereotypes of doddering "old ladies." Sharp-witted, up-to-date, and often provocative, the two are not afraid to weigh in with opinions on men, sex, gender roles and social attitudes towards the elderly. A classic odd couple, Irja is the sunny optimist and straight man to Lucille's irreverent skepticism and perpetual irony. Producer/Director (and Minnesota native) Laura Gabbert's inspiring portrait is sure to bring a smile and a tear, as Irja and Lucille's feisty engagement with life exemplifies the beauty and rewards of political connection and living life with vitality up until the very end. (CA)
73 minutes
Director: Laura Gabbert
Producer: Laura Gabbert, Caroline Libiesco
Cinematographer: Shana Hagen
Editor: William Haugse, A.C.E.
Music: Peter Golub
Official Website
St. Anthony Main 5 5:30 PM Sat., Sept. 20th
St. Anthony Main 5 11:30 AM Sunday, Sept. 21st




THIS obedience
Filmmaker Present to Introduce Film!
Anita C. Hill Present for sunday Screening!

From Minnesota documentary filmmakers Dawn Mikkelson and Jamie A. Lee comes a fascinating study of modern American morals and the institutions that arbitrate them. Because she was gay and refused to declare herself celibate, Anita C. Hill was forbidden from fulfilling her calling from God: to be ordained as a pastor in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. So Anita's St. Paul congregation drew on their conscience, weighed the issue, and courageously decided to reject the wishes of the national church leadership, declaring that their obedience was to God, not church officials. Mirroring the recent struggle to confirm an Episcopalian Bishop, This Obedience follows Anita's battle through to its final, suspenseful conclusion. (MN)
86 minutes
Director: Jamie A. Lee, Dawn Mikkelson
Producer: Dawn Mikkelson
Cinematographer: Jamie A. Lee, Dawn Mikkelson
Editor: Jamie A. Lee, Dawn Mikkelson
Music: James Richter
Official Website
St. Anthony Main 5 5:45 PM Thurs., Sept. 18th
St. Anthony Main 3 2:00 PM Sunday, Sept. 21st





Filmmakers Present to Introduce Film!
Minneapolis filmmakers Hugh Jason Wallace, David Tufford, Kevin Ross and John Riedlinger were determined to make Vernie. Though severely short of money, they threw in together, pulled favors from work and friends, and came away with a tight, well-acted story shot in Minneapolis and sure to break your heart. Vernie is Sean’s story. Sean is a typical young man: he’s in his thirties, owns a coffee-shop in Minneapolis, and wants to have a baby. But one thing is different: Sean has cancer. As a strange, strangely human, consequence of facing the end of existence, Sean decides to test the friendship of ex-girlfriend Kristi by asking her to bear him a child. With humor, love, and sadness, the two old friends embark on a journey that will change their lives forever and heighten their appreciation of life’s sweetness. (MN)
92 minutes
Director: David Tufford
Writer: Kevin Ross
Producer: Jason Wallace
Cinematographer: David Doyle
Editor: Jason Wallace
Music: Todd Syring
Cast: John Riedlinger, Amy Colon, Ron Menzel, Michelle Barber, Mark Bradley
The Heights 7:30 PM Sat., Sept. 20th


Like the Gold Rush of 150 years ago, fever is sweeping California; only this time it’s startup fever. Want is Trey Segal’s story, a software engineer who, like seemingly everyone else in the San Francisco Bay Area, is giddy with the prospect of revolutionizing human behavior and society through the brand new internet: and getting filthy rich in the process! But Trey manifests a dark side of humanity too; he’s sex-obsessed, greedy, and—like everyone around him—addicted to corrupt pleasures. A perfect picture of an historical moment in time, Writer-Director Michael Wohl wrote Want in the final three days leading up to New Year’s 2000, when the headiness of the dot-com boom reached its frenzied height. (CA)
97 minutes
Director: Michael Wohl
Writer: Michael Wohl
Producer: Divi Crockett, Brian Benson
Cinematographer: Robin McLeod
Editor: Michael Wohl
Music: Ledenhed, Sorry
Cast: Barry Alan Levine, Gillian Chadsen, Olin Hyde
Official Site
St. Anthony Main 5 9:45 PM Thurs., Sept. 18th

Wayward Girls: a Story of Survival
Filmmaker Present to Introduce Film!
Fleeing from childhoods wrought with abuse and neglect, Mickie Turk and Rosalie Sundin first met in 1968 as teen runaways in a Duluth group home called Carmel Heights. Thirty-four years later the pair met again, and set about producing a documentary that not only tells the stories of their lives, but also examines the realities of female delinquency and crime across generations. Wayward Girls focuses on the relationship between child abuse and criminality, what programs exist to intervene in the lives of these women and girls, and the success and failures of the systems charged with the task of affecting change in the lives of at-risk girls and women. Compelling and inspiring, their documentary is a moving testament to the courage of girls struggling to become better adults than the ones from which they were forced to run. (MN)
55 minutes
Director: Mickie Turk
Writer: Rosalie G. Sundin
Producer: Mickie Turk, Rosalie G. Sundin
Cinematographer: Matt Ehling
Editor: Matt Ehling

Official Website

Plays with:
Little Hearts
A haunting and visually breathtaking film from Boston filmmaker Stephen Maing, Little Hearts shows how awkward and painful growing up unsupervised can be. Like the junked boat where they play, or the empty pool filled with rainwater where they hide, the unhappy children in Little Hearts seem forgotten. But the friendship that springs up between Dong, a Korean Boy, and twin siblings Julie and Jason isn't something an adult gave them or denied them: it's their own creation, their own world, and they'll be living in it one day very soon. (MA)
26 minutes
Director: Stephen Maing
Writer: Stephen Maing
Producer: Heather Menicucci
Cinematographer: Allison Humenuk
Editor: Stephen Maing
Music: Stacey Q, Stephen Maing
Cast: Henry Choi, Jenna Lettera, Ryan Johannensen
St. Anthony Main 4 6:00 PM Thurs., Sept. 18th
The Heights 12:30 PM Sunday, Sept. 21st






White of Winter
Filmmaker Present to Introduce Film!
It’s like a trance that Rachel falls into, and it starts when she sees a handsome actor playing a walk-on part as a waiter in a rented video. He’s in Los Angeles, she figures, and she starts driving there from Texas immediately, no regard for night or day. Through a landscape both physical and psychological, Rachel and the actor are eventually drawn out into the wintry white foothills of Montana to find a photograph of a lost child that may only exist in Rachel’s mind. Directed by Robert Saitzyk and shot on the brand new Cinealta 24p HD camera, this 2003 Sundance Film Festival selection is a visually poetic American epic about being human, making mistakes, and retracing roads leading to the haunted past. (MT)
140 minutes
Director: Robert Saitzyk
Writer: Robert Saitzyk
Producer: Aaron Rice, Joseph Chase
Cinematographer: Michael Hardwick
Editor: Robert Saitzyk
Music: Zoe Poledouris
Cast: Zoe Poledouris, Bret Roberts, Tamara Zook, Joseph Chase
The Heights 4:30 PM Sat., Sept. 20th
St. Anthony Main 5 3:15 PM Sunday, Sept. 21st


Filmmaker Present to Introduce Film!
There are people scattered throughout the world who share a strange desire: to become amputees. In defiance of any known medical explanation, the individuals interviewed in Melody Gilbert’s new documentary Whole regard one of their healthy limbs as a foreign object, a thing which must be removed before he can feel complete. As family, friends, and loved ones learn how to cope with wannabe amputees, the afflicted themselves face the difficult task of convincing the medical establishment that their condition is real. Untreated and unaided, these individuals face the grim task of having to somehow remove their own limb in order to be the person they feel themselves to be. A Minnesota-made film,Whole recently premiered at the Los Angeles Film Festival. (MN)
Director: Melody Gilbert
Producer: Melody Gilbert
Associate Producer/Researcher: Rita Beatty
Cinematographer: Melody Gilbert
Editor: Charlie Gerszweski
Music: CXR- the Megalomaniac
The Heights 6:00 PM Thurs., Sept. 18th
St. Anthony Main 5 7:30 PM Fri., Sept. 19th
The Heights 3:00 PM Sat., Sept. 20th





Paved Paradise Program
Total Running Time: 86 minutes
This is Nowhere
Each year, all across America, tens of thousands of travelers and retirees steer their massive campers and RVs into Wal-Mart parking lots to “camp.” They sit in front of their RVs on folding chairs, confabulate with their temporary neighbors, and buy anything they might need inside the adjacent Wal-Mart, which is why the giant retailer allows them to stay. After a night or two, each traveler starts their engine and moves on, towards a new town and a different, yet same, Wal-Mart parking lot. Montana documentary filmmaker Doug Hawes-Davis wryly captures the attitudes and opinions of this aimless subculture as they discuss politics, nature, civic values and each other. On another level, This is Nowhere is about the increasingly homogeneous geographic and intellectual landscape. As one traveler put it, “It’s hard to remember where you’ve been.” (MT)
56 minutes
Director: Doug Hawes-Davis
Producer: John Lilburn
Cinematographer: Drury Gunn Carr
Music: Ned Mudd

Official Website
Plays with:
In Order Not To Be Here
Filmmaker Deborah Stratman’s experimental documentary In Order Not To Be Here examines how cultural attitudes towards privacy, safety, convenience and surveillance have determined the new American landscape. A hauntingly beautiful film consisting of POV shots from imaginary surveillance cameras, Stratman’s film elevates uninhabited suburban mall parking lots, convenience stores and corporate landscaping projects from something ubiquitous and invisible into something elegiac and beautiful. In Order Not To Be Here movingly succeeds in fulfilling one of the primary functions of cinema art: to change the world by changing one’s perception of it. (IL)
30 minutes
Director: Deborah Stratman
Producer: Deborah Stratman
Cinematographer: Deborah Stratman
Editor: Deborah Stratman
Music: Kevin Drumm
Cast: Joaquin DeLa Puente
Weisman Museum 6:30 PM Friday, Sept. 19th






Invisible Powers Program
Total Running Time: 72 minutes
Culture jammers believe that advertisers and corporate interests control the national dialogue on key political issues because these interests are the only entities capable of purchasing TV and radio time, billboard and magazine space: the decisive conduits of mass communication. The result of this monopoly is a nation obsessed with consumer products, taught to be turned off by politics, and willing to purposefully blind itself to the human and environmental devastation of consumer culture. Culture jammers are radicals and activists who seek to take back the airwaves, as it were, by creating and recreating their own mass media: staging photo-ops with alternative political messages, blanketing public spaces with stickers and posters, repainting billboards. With commentary from Jack Napier of the Billboard Liberation Front and Kalle Lasn of Adbusters magazine, Subvertisers examines the vanguard battle to raise awareness about the hidden agendas of our most vocal minority: the advertisers. (WA)
23 minutes
Directed by Michael Seely and Sarah Eberhardt
Music: Trans Am and Kit Clayton

Supermax Wisconsin
Supermax Wisconsin presents a chilling and unforgettable look inside America's prison industry. In recent years the incarcerated population of the US has grown exponentially as a result of the lobbying power of construction interests, prison guard unions, and private prison companies. In the past decade, these corporate behemoths have worked together with politicians (like former Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson) to legislate longer prison terms for less serious crimes with less chance of parole, thus expanding the prison population and the reach of their industry. The pride of the industry is the Supermax facility: a horrifying medieval prison built in violation of all ideas about human rights to house Wisconsin's worst rapists and murderers. But who's actually locked up at Supermax? Any prisoner, no matter how minor their crime, who vocally criticizes the prison industry. (WI)
Directed by Joshua Moise
27 minutes
PRODUCER: Jude Javier & Joshua Moise
EDITOR: Jude Javier & Joshua Moise

Buffalo Common
2003 Sundance attendee and winner of the New York Underground Film Festival Best Short Documentary Award, Buffalo Common is as heartbreaking as a driving prairie wind and as perfect as an old pickup truck. Loosely structured around the struggle to rid North Dakota of its nuclear missiles, Bill Brown’s black and white film is a sparse visual poem about the unforgiving land, and the folly of the people who have tried to live there. (ND)
Directed by Bill Brown
22 minutes
Intermedia Arts 7:00 PM Thurs., Sept. 18th









Shorts Program One
Total Running Time: 98 minutes
Cine-Magic’s Gas N Fuel Employee Training Video #4A: Makin’ it Happen!
A locally-made jab at the corporate training video—selected for this year’s South by Southwest Film Festival. (co produced by S-Heads Films) Directed by Joe Pickett. Official Website 15 minutes (MN)
Luke Pebler’s She's Leaving Home
A young college student takes a lazy Sunday drive to nowhere.
9 minutes (WI)
Todd Hemker’s Seven Corners
An animated journal entry about a jaunt across town: includes pigeons, cello players and an old couple looking for lunch.
7 minutes (MN)
Hilber Nelson’s Lullabye
Selby Kauffman is a Benedictine Monk who plays his harp at the bedside of the dying, adding music to the journey from life to death.
8 minutes (ID)
Ben Riesman’s Command Shift
Go left, Go right, Go forward. Reverse! Life can be strangely like navigating a maze in a video game.
6 minutes (MN)
Jonathan Evans’s Rabbit Cage
A young woman struggles to face a painful childhood memory that threatens to repeat itself in the rural Alabama woods behind her house.
8 minutes (AL)
Jeremy Plumb’s G2—Garff vs. The Coconut
Garff is a mythical creature who lives by Lake Calhoun and cannot resist the urge to destroy his mortal adversary: the coconut. In Swedish w/ English subtitles!
Official Website 3 minutes (MN)
Robert Fagerhaugh’s Seagull and the Landmine
All you need to know about seagulls and landmines in less than 60 seconds.
1 minute (MN)
Darrin Heinis’s The Retreat
A platoon of soldiers in World War II is trapped in the fog of war, and possibly surrounded by zombies! A brilliantly-realized Minnesota short.
30 minutes (MN)
Bob Hurst’s Addendum
An exploration of Alzheimer's disease, where the scarred surface of the film becomes a metaphor for memory and loss.
5 minutes (IA)
Jeff Spoonhower’s Intelligent Life
Does intelligent life exist on our planet? A clumsy stand-up robot has the answer in this laugh-out-loud computer animated short that won the 2003 South by Southwest Best Animated Short Award.
Official Website 6 minutes (FL)
St. Anthony Main 5 5:30 PM Friday, Sept. 19th






Shorts Program Two
Total Running Time: 91 minutes
Craig Benzine’s Birthday Suit
A UW-Madison take on Hitchcock's Rear Window. Lester gets a call from his mother while contemplating a naked co-ed through a window across the Quad from his dorm room. 12 minutes (WI)
Jon Springer’s Living Dead Girl
A psychedelic, silent-era zombie thriller from Jon Springer—named "Most Audacious Filmmaker in Minnesota" by City Pages in 2002. Featuring Mark Borchardt of American Movie and Coven fame. Official Website 10 minutes (MN)
David Ellsworth’s Super 8 Mom
A fascinating exploration of the filmmaker's desire to capture the world as articulated by a non-filmmaker. Official Website 5 minutes (IA)
Matt Center and Josh Thacker’s Honk
A short ditty about being yourself in a global econony. 4 minutes (MN)
Wes Kim’s Profiles in Science
From award-winning Seattle filmmaker Wes Kim. Dr. Albert Chung is the fictional doctor who accidentally happened onto the phenomenon also known as slacking. 5 minutes (WA)
Eric Mueller’s This Car Up
Timing is everything in this perfectly original story about two men who keep dreaming about each other but never quite meet. Made in Minnesota. 16 minutes (MN)
Scott Coleman Miller’s Hands Motherlode
A found footage film about hands, and their important role in scientific progress. 4 minutes (MN)
LeAnn Erickson’s Fun Days with Jake
Animated stories and drawings by the filmmaker’s very young son, Jake. 3 minutes (PA)
Cine-Magic’s The Day Robert DeNiro Met James Caan
Two famously-named mallwalkers meet by Herberger's and decide to dine at the food court. Directed by Joe Pickett. Official Website 7 minutes (MN)
Paul Harrill’s Gina, An Actress, Age 29
A young woman in Knoxville, Tennessee gets the first job for which she auditions, and ends up on the horns of a terrible moral and artistic dilemma. Winner of the 2001 Sundance Film Festival Jury Prize in Short Filmmaking. 22 minutes (TN)
Jeffrey Travis’s What's Wrong with This Picture?
Award-winning animation from Austin filmmaker Jeffrey Travis. Young Aidan may follow the rules, but his crayon stickman drawing has different ideas. Official Website 2 minutes (TX)
Intermedia Arts 7:00 PM Saturday, Sept. 20th






Shorts Program Three
Total Running Time: 98 minutes
Jared Hess’s Peluca
Seth likes illegal ninja books, unicorns, and fanny-packs. His friend Pedro needs a wig to hide a bad haircut. Soundtrack by Burt Baccarach. 9 minutes (UT)
Thomas Page’s Lawn Chairs
You may never look at a 1950’s lawn chair the same way… 4 minutes (MN)
Kevin Obsatz’s The Coast
Film Noir from St. Paul. You can almost see Los Angeles from atop the 1st Bank Building, as the giant neon “1” blinks on, blinks off. Blinks on… 15 minutes (MN)
Paul Essling’s Little Drummer Boy
As a fetus, Eli rhythmically beat against his mother's womb. Now that he's 10 months old, all Eli really needs is an agent. 4 minutes (MN)
Elizabeth Day’s Manidoo Nibaa (His Spirit is Sleeping)
Josh is a Native American child on two of life’s paths at the same time, and neither. 5 minutes (MN)
John Hime’s Second Place
Paul and Glenn share a mostly unfurnished bachelor pad in Milwaukee where they pass their days in meaningless competition. But nobody wants to be a loser! 14 minutes (WI)
Colleen Ann Lindl’s The Pizza Guy
A short documentary from the Wis-kino Kino Club, conceived, shot and edited in under 48 hours. A slice of life on Friday night at Pizza Extreme in Madison. 8 minutes (WI)
William Scott Rees’s Betsy Benson and the Bow Tie Boy(s)
A beautifully realized local video about wicked chocolate Easter bunnies and the consequences of self doubt. 10 minutes (MN)
Seunghun Yu’s Last Summer
A haunting visual elegy from Seunghun Yu about a woman traveling to the beach, and into the past. 12 minutes (NY)
Vance Malone’s Ocularist
Short doc about the artistic and scientific requirements of the Ocularist: someone who creates prosthetic eyeballs. 8 minutes (OR)
Damian Griffin’s Blink
An animated look at 1960's domestic life among worms living inside an apple. Unfortunately, their apple is being shot by a speeding bullet. Official Website 6 minutes (CO)
Austin Alward’s Karma Wheel
Sibling rivalry spun out of control, with a twist of brotherly love, on a ferris wheel made for two. 3 minutes (IN)
St. Anthony Main 3 4:00 PM Sunday, Sept. 2ist





Special Screening
My Teacher Hates Me

Last fall and winter, a group of students at Edgerton Elementary School of Roseville studied the business of how films are made as part of a program called the Film Project. Both the Minnesota Film & TV Board and IFP MSP supported the development of the Film Project, along with a Roseville community group—the North Suburban Youth Foundation. To test their knowledge, Edgerton’s students wrote a script, were mentored by a crew of professional Twin Cities filmmakers, and completed a three-day shooting schedule in March, 2003. Lastly, sound was designed by the students at the St. Paul High School for the Recording Arts. The result is My Teacher Hates Me—a standout communal effort in a field where community is always vitally important. There is a special admission price of $5 for this program, with half the proceeds benefiting next year’s program at Edgerton Elementary School. A tug-of-war between sixth-grade trouble-maker, Gilbert, and his inept substitute teacher, Ms. Smith, is made worse by the fact that Gilbert’s father is the school Principal.
19 minutes
Executive Producer: Kate Winters
Directors: Eric Tretbar, Christian Stenerson
Producer: Sandra Capra
Writer: Edgerton Film Project Students
Directors of Photography: Eric Tretbar, Dave Kurtovich
Editor: Dan Geiger
Score: The St. Paul High School For The Recording Arts
St. Anthony Main 3 12:00 PM Sat., Sept. 20th
St. Anthony Main 3 11:00 AM Sunday, Sept. 21st






MNTV Shorts
Total Running Time: 86 minutes
The eighth season of
MNTV (Minnesota Television) will be highlighted in this special sneak preview featuring 10 shorts from this year’s upcoming season, which will air on Twin Cities Public Television (TPT Channel 2) in late October and November. This program represents some of the best in locally made Independent animation, experimental, music videos, documentary, and narrative shorts. It is a great opportunity to get a sneak peak at some of this year's finest, recently-produced work. Many of the filmmakers will be in attendance!
Phil Harder and Rick Fuller’s Canada
Emily Goldberg’s It’s Come to My Attention
Jon Nowak’s Suspension
Todd Hemker’s Seven Corners
Tom Schroeder’s Riding with Harv
Ryan Wood’s Cubes
Kris Barberg’s Psalm 51
Freya Rae Schirmacher’s Jenya
William Rees’ Betsy Benson and the Bow Tie Boy(s)
Scott Coleman Miller’s Hands Motherlode

Intermedia Arts 9:00 PM Thurs., Sept. 18th